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Boulton was widely involved in civic activities in Birmingham. His friend Dr John Ash had long sought to build a hospital in the town. A great fan of the music of Handel, Boulton conceived of the idea to hold a music festival in Birmingham to raise funds for the hospital. The festival took place in September 1768, the first of a series stretching well into the twentieth century.[98] DELL Inspiron N3010 Series CPU FAN

 The hospital opened in 1779. Boulton also helped build the General Dispensary, where outpatient treatment could be obtained.[98] A firm supporter of the Dispensary, he served as treasurer, and wrote, "If the funds of the institution are not sufficient for its support, I will make up the deficiency."[99] The Dispensary soon outgrew its original quarters, and a new building in Temple Row was opened in 1808, shortly before Boulton's death.[99] DELL Inspiron N4010 Series CPU FAN

Boulton helped found the New Street Theatre in 1774, and later wrote that having a theatre encouraged well-to-do visitors to come to Birmingham, and to spend more money than they would have otherwise.[98] Boulton attempted to have the theatre recognised as a patent theatre with a Royal Patent, entitled to present serious drama; he failed in 1779 but succeeded in 1807.[100] DELL Latitude 100L CPU FAN
also supported Birmingham's Oratorio Choral Society, and collaborated with button maker and amateur musical promoter Joseph Moore to put on a series of private concerts in 1799. He maintained a pew at St Paul's Church, Birmingham, a centre of musical excellence.[98] DELL Latitude 120L Series CPU FAN
When performances of the Messiah were organised at Westminster Abbey in 1784 in the (incorrect) belief it was the centennial of Handel's birth and the (correct) belief that it was the 25th anniversary of his death, Boulton attended and wrote, "I scarcely know which was grandest, the sounds or the scene. Both was transcendibly fine that it is not in my power of words to describe. In the grand Halleluja my soul almost ascended from my body."[101] DELL Latitude 131L Series CPU FAN

Concerned about the level of crime in Birmingham, Boulton complained, "The streets are infested from Noon Day to midnight with prostitutes."[102] In an era prior to the establishment of the police, Boulton served on a committee to organise volunteers to patrol the streets at night and reduce crime. He supported the localmilitia, providing money for weapons. In 1794 he was elected High Sheriff of Staffordshire, his county of residence.[98] DELL Latitude C500 CPU FAN
Besides seeking to improve local life, Boulton took an interest in world affairs. Initially sympathetic to the cause of the rebellious American colonists, Boulton changed his view once he realised that an independent America might be a threat to British trade, and in 1775 organised a petition urging the government to take a hard line with the Americans—though when the revolution proved successful, he resumed trade with the former colonies.[103] DELL Latitude C540 CPU FAN
He was more sympathetic to the cause of the French Revolution, believing it justified, though he expressed his horror at the bloody excesses of the Revolutionary government.[104] When war with France broke out, he paid for weapons for a company of volunteers, sworn to resist any French invasion.

When Boulton was widowed in 1783 he was left with the care of his two teenage children. DELL Latitude C600 CPU FAN
Neither his son Matthew Robinson Boulton nor his daughter Anne enjoyed robust health; the younger Matthew was often ill and was a poor student who was shuttled from school to school until he joined his father's business in 1790; Anne suffered from a diseased leg that prevented her from enjoying a full life.[106] Despite his lengthy absences on business, Boulton cared deeply for his family. He wrote to his wife in January 1780, DELL Latitude C610 CPU FAN
Nothing could in the least palliate this long, this cold, this very distant separation from my dearest wife and children but the certain knowledge that I am preparing for their ease, happiness and prosperity, and when that is the prise, I know no hardships that I would not encounter with, to obtain it.[107]

With the expiry of the patent in 1800 both Boulton and Watt retired from the partnership, each turning over his role to his namesake son. DELL Latitude C640 CPU FAN
The two sons made changes, quickly ending public tours of the Soho Manufactory in which the elder Boulton had taken pride throughout his time in Soho.[108] In retirement Boulton remained active, continuing to run the Soho Mint. When a new Royal Mint was built on Tower Hill in 1805, Boulton was awarded the contract to equip it with modern machinery.[109] DELL Latitude C800 Series CPU FAN
His continued activity distressed Watt, who had entirely retired from Soho, and who wrote to Boulton in 1804, "[Y]our friends fear much that your necessary attention to the operation of the coinage may injure your health".[110]

Boulton helped deal with the shortage of silver, persuading the Government to let him overstrike the Bank of England's large stock of Spanish dollars with an English design. DELL Latitude C810 Series CPU FAN
The Bank had attempted to circulate the dollars by countermarking the coins on the side showing the Spanish king with a small image of George III, but the public was reluctant to accept them, in part due to counterfeiting.[111] This attempt inspired the couplet, "The Bank to make their Spanish Dollars pass/Stamped the head of a fool on the neck of an ass."[111] Boulton obliterated the old design in his restriking.[111] DELL Latitude C840 Series CPU FAN
Though Boulton was not as successful in defeating counterfeiters as he hoped (high quality fakes arrived at the Bank's offices within days of the issuance),[112] these coins circulated until the Royal Mint again struck large quantities of silver coin in 1816, when Boulton's were withdrawn. He oversaw the final issue of his coppers for Britain in 1806, and a major issue of coppers to circulate only in Ireland.[113] DELL Latitude D400 Series CPU FAN
Even as his health failed, he had his servants carry him from Soho House to the Soho Mint, and he sat and watched the machinery,[114]which was kept exceptionally busy in 1808 by the striking of almost 90,000,000 pieces for the East India Company.[78] He wrote, "Of all the mechanical subjects I ever entered upon, there is none in which I ever engaged with so much ardour as that of bringing to perfection the art of coining."[114] DELL Latitude D410 Series CPU FAN
By early 1809 he was seriously ill.[108] He had long suffered from kidney stones, which also lodged in the bladder, causing him great pain.[115] He died at Soho House on 17 August 1809.[108] He was buried in the graveyard of St. Mary's Church, Handsworth, in Birmingham – the church was later extended over the site of his grave. Inside the church, on the north wall of the sanctuary, is a large marble monument to him, commissioned by his son, sculpted by the sculptor John Flaxman.[116] DELL Latitude D420 CPU FAN
It includes a marble bust of Boulton, set in a circular opening above two putti, one holding an engraving of the Soho Manufactory.

Boulton is recognised by several memorials and other commemorations in and around Birmingham. Soho House, his home from 1766 until his death, is now a museum,[117] as is his first workshop, Sarehole Mill.[118] The Soho archives are at the Birmingham City Archives.[42] DELL Latitude D430 CPU FAN
He is recognised by three blue plaques, at his Steelhouse Lane birthplace, at Soho House and at Sarehole Mill.[119] A gilded bronze statue of Boulton, Watt and Murdoch (1956) by William Bloye stands outside the old Register Office on Broad Street in central Birmingham.[120] Matthew Boulton College was named in his honour in 1957.[121] The two-hundredth anniversary of his death, in 2009, resulted in a number of tributes. DELL Latitude D500 Series CPU FAN
Birmingham City Council promoted "a year long festival celebrating the life, work and legacy of Matthew Boulton".[122]

On 29 May 2009 the Bank of England announced that Boulton and Watt would appear on a new £50 note. The design is the first to feature a dual portrait on a Bank of England note, and presents the two industrialists side by side with images of a steam engine and Boulton's Soho Manufactory. DELL Latitude D505 Series CPU FAN
Quotes attributed to each of the men are inscribed on the note: "I sell here, sir, what all the world desires to have—POWER" (Boulton) and "I can think of nothing else but this machine" (Watt).[123] In September 2011 it was announced that the notes would enter circulation on 2 November.[124]

In March 2009, Boulton was honoured with the issue of a Royal Mail postage stamp. DELL Latitude D510 Series CPU FAN

The Lunar Society of Birmingham was a dinner club and informal learned society of prominent figures in theMidlands Enlightenment, including industrialists, natural philosophers and intellectuals, who met regularly between 1765 and 1813 in Birmingham, England. At first called the Lunar Circle, "Lunar Society" became the formal name by 1775. DELL Latitude D531 CPU FAN
The name arose because the society would meet during the full moon, as the extra light made the journey home easier and safer in the absence of street lighting. The members cheerfully referred to themselves as"lunarticks", a pun on lunatics. Venues included Erasmus Darwin's home in Lichfield, Matthew Boulton's home, Soho House, and Great Barr Hall. DELL Latitude D600 Series CPU FAN
The Lunar Society evolved through various degrees of organisation over a period of up to fifty years, but was only ever an informal group. No constitution, minutes, publications or membership lists survive from any period, and evidence of its existence and activities is found only in the correspondence and notes of those associated with it.[1] DELL Latitude D610 Series CPU FAN
Historians therefore disagree on what qualifies as membership of the Lunar Society, who can be considered to have been members, and even when the society can be said to have existed.[2] Josiah Wedgwood, for example, is described by some commentators as being one of five "principal members" of the society,[3] while others consider that he "cannot be recognized as [a] full member" at all.[4] DELL Latitude D620 CPU FAN
Dates given for the establishment of the society range from "sometime before 1760"[5] to 1775.[6] Some historians argue that it had ceased to exist by 1791;[7] others that it was still operating as late as 1813.[6]

Despite this uncertainty, fourteen individuals have been identified as having verifiably attended Lunar Society meetings regularly over a long period during its most productive eras: these are Matthew Boulton, DELL Latitude D630 CPU FAN
Erasmus Darwin, Thomas Day, Richard Lovell Edgeworth,Samuel Galton, Jr., James Keir, Joseph Priestley, William Small, Jonathan Stokes, James Watt, Josiah Wedgwood, John Whitehurst andWilliam Withering.

While the society's meetings provided its name and social focus, however, they were relatively unimportant in its activities, and far more activity and communication took place outside the meetings themselves – DELL Latitude D800 Series CPU FAN
members local to Birmingham were in almost daily contact, more distant ones in correspondence at least weekly.[1] A more loosely defined group has therefore been identified over a wider geographical area and longer time period, who attended meetings occasionally and who corresponded or co-operated regularly with multiple other members on group activities. DELL Latitude D810 Series CPU FAN
These include Richard Kirwan,[9] John Smeaton,[10] Henry Moyes,[10] John Michell,[11] Pieter Camper,[10] R. E. Raspe,[10] John Baskerville,[6] Thomas Beddoes,[12] John Wyatt,[13] William Thomson,[12] Cyril V. Jackson,[12] Jean-André Deluc,[14] John Wilkinson,[15] John Ash,[14] Samuel More,[16] Robert Bage,[17] James Brindley,[16] Ralph Griffiths,[16] John Roebuck,[16DELL Latitude D820 CPU FAN] Thomas Percival,[16] Joseph Black,[16] James Hutton,[16] Benjamin Franklin,[5] Joseph Banks,[18] William Herschel,[18] Daniel Solander,[18] John Warltire,[18] George Fordyce,[18] Alexander Blair,[18]Samuel Parr,[18] Louis Joseph d'Albert d'Ailly, the seventh Duke of Chaulnes,[18] Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond,[18] Grossart de Virly,[18] Johann Gottling.[19] and Joseph Wright[20] DELL Latitude D830 CPU FAN
This lack of a defined membership has led some historians to criticise a Lunar Society "legend", leading people to "confuse it and its efforts with the general growth of intellectual and economic activities in the provinces of eighteenth century Britain".[21]Others have seen this both as real and as one of the society's main strengths: a paper read at the Science Museum in London in 1963 claimed that "of all the provincial philosophical societies it was the most important, perhaps because it was not merely provincial. DELL Latitude E4200 Series CPU FAN
All the world came to Soho to meet Boulton, Watt or Small, who were acquainted with the leading men of Science throughout Europe and America. Its essential sociability meant that any might be invited to attend its meetings."

The origins of the Lunar Society lie in a pattern of friendships that emerged in the late 1750s. Matthew Boulton and Erasmus Darwinmet some time between 1757 and 1758, possibly through family connections, DELL Latitude E4300 Series CPU FAN
as Boulton's mother's family were patients of Darwin; or possibly though shared friendships, as both were admirers of the printer John Baskerville and friends of the astronomer and geologist John Michell, a regular visitor to Darwin's house in Lichfield.[23] Darwin was a physician and poet who had studied atCambridge and Edinburgh; Boulton had left school at fourteen and started work in his father's business making metal goods inBirmingham at the age of 21. DELL LATITUDE E4310 Series CPU FAN
Despite their different backgrounds they shared a common interest in experiment and invention, and their activities would show Darwin's theoretical understanding and Boulton's practical experience to be complementary.[3] Soon they were visiting each other regularly and conducting investigations into scientific subjects such as electricity, meteorology andgeology.[24] DELL Latitude E5400 CPU FAN

Around the same time the Derby-based clockmaker John Whitehurst became a friend, first of Boulton and subsequently of Darwin, through his business supplying clock movements to Boulton's ormolu manufacturing operation. Although older than both Boulton and Darwin, by 1758 Whitehurst was writing to Boulton telling excitedly of a pyrometer he had built, and looking forward to visiting Birmingham "to spend one day with you in trying all necessary experiments".[25] DELL Latitude E5500 CPU FAN

Boulton, Darwin and Whitehurst were in turn introduced by Michell to Benjamin Franklin when he travelled to Birmingham in July 1758 "to improve and increase Acquaintance among Persons of Influence",[26] and Franklin returned in 1760 to conduct experiments with Boulton on electricity and sound.[27] Although Michell seems to have withdrawn from the group when he moved to Leeds in 1767,[11] DELL Latitude E6400 Series CPU FAN
Franklin was to remain a common link among many of the early members.

The nature of the group was to change significantly with the move to Birmingham in 1765 of the Scottish physician William Small, who had been Professor of Natural Philosophy at The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. DELL Latitude E6410 CPU FAN
There he had taught and been a major influence over Thomas Jefferson, and had formed the focus of a local group of intellectuals. His arrival with a letter of introduction to Matthew Boulton from Benjamin Franklin was to have a galvanising effect on the existing circle, which began to explicitly identify itself as a group and actively started to attract new members.[28] DELL Latitude E6410 Series CPU FAN

The first of these was Josiah Wedgwood, who became a close friend of Darwin in 1765 while campaigning for the building of the Trent and Mersey Canal[29] and subsequently closely modelled his large new pottery factory at Etruria on Boulton's Soho Manufactory.[24]Another new recruit, Richard Lovell Edgeworth, met Darwin, DELL Latitude E6420 CPU FAN
Small and Boulton in 1766 through a shared interest in carriage design, and he in turn introduced his friend and fellow Rousseau-admirer Thomas Day, with whom he had studied at Corpus Christi, Oxford.[30]In 1767 James Keir visited Darwin in Lichfield, where he was introduced to Boulton, Small, Wedgwood and Whitehurst and subsequently decided to move to Birmingham.[30]DELL Latitude E6500 CPU FAN
The Lunar Circle also attracted more distant involvement. Joseph Priestley, then living in Leeds, became associated with the Society in 1767 when Darwin and Wedgwood became involved with his work on electricity.[5] In the same year James Watt visited Birmingham on the recommendation of his business patron John Roebuck, being shown around the Soho Manufactory by Small and Darwin in Boulton's absence. DELL Latitude E6500 Series CPU FAN
Although neither Priestley nor Watt were to move to Birmingham for several years, both were to be in constant communication with the Birmingham members and central to the circle's activities from 1767.[31]

By 1768 the core group of nine individuals who would form the nucleus of the Lunar Society had come together with Small at their heart.[16] DELL Latitude E6510 CPU FAN
The group at this time is sometimes referred to as the "Lunar circle", though this is a later description used by historians,[32] and the group themselves used a variety of less specific descriptions, including "Birmingham Philosophers" or simply "fellow-schemers".

If William Small's arrival in 1765 had been the catalyst to the development of the Lunar Circle as a cohesive group, DELL Latitude E6510 Series CPU FAN
his death – probably from malaria[7] – in 1775 was to mark another change in its structure.[34] Small had been the key link between the members, and in his absence those remaining moved to place the group on a more organised footing. Meetings were to be held on the Sunday nearest the full moon,[34] lasting from two o'clock in the afternoon until eight o'clock in the evening.[35] DELL Precision M4400 Series CPU FAN
The first was probably that held on 31 December 1775,[7] and the "Lunar" name is first recorded in 1776.[32]

The era also saw significant changes in membership. William Withering – like Small a physician – was already an acquaintance of Darwin, Boulton and Wedgwood when he moved from Stafford to Birmingham and became a member of the Society in 1776.[34DELL Precision M4500 CPU FAN

] John Whitehurst's move to London in 1775 had a less dramatic effect: he kept in regular contact with other members of the society and remained an occasional attender of meetings.[34]

The leading figure behind the establishment of the society as a more organised body during this early period seems to have beenMatthew Boulton: his home at Soho House in Handsworth was the principal venue for meetings, DELL Precision M6400 Series CPU FAN
and in 1776 he is recorded as planning "to make many Motions to the Members respecting new Laws, and regulations, such as will tend to prevent the decline of a society which I hope will be lasting."[35] This reliance on Boulton was also to prove a weakness, however, as the period coincided with the peak of his work building up his steam engine business and he was frequently absent.DELL Precision M65 CPU FAN
Although the 1770s was one of the society's richest eras in terms of its collaborative achievements, the society's meetings declined from regular occurrences in 1775 to infrequent ones by the end of the decade.

In late 1780 the nature of the society was to change again with the move to Birmingham of Joseph Priestley. DELL Precision M70 Series CPU FAN
Priestley had been closely associated with the group's activities for over a decade and was a strong advocate of the benefits of scientific societies. Shortly after his arrival Lunar meetings moved from Sunday afternoons to Mondays to accommodate Priestley's duties as a clergyman, while the society's dependence on Matthew Boulton was lessened by holding meetings at other members' houses in addition to Soho House. DELL Precision M90 CPU FAN
The result was to be the society's most productive era.[37]

Several other major new figures became associated with the society during this period. Samuel Galton, Jr., unusual as a Quaker who was also a gun-manufacturer, appears in the letters of other Lunar members as attending meetings from July 1781,DELL Pricision M6300 CPU FAN
and his daughter Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck was to provide one of the few first-hand accounts of the Lunar Society's activities.[38] The botanist and physician Jonathan Stokes, who had known William Withering as a child, moved to Stourbridge and started attending Lunar Society meetings from 1783. His contribution to the society was significant but short-lived: DELL Studio 1435 CPU FAN
after collaborating with Withering on hisBotanical Arrangement of British Plants the two quarrelled bitterly and Stokes severed his relations with the main Lunar members by 1788.[39]

The society also lost several major figures over the period: Richard Lovell Edgeworth ceased regular involvement in the society's activities when he returned to Ireland in 1782,[40] DELL Studio 1450 CPU FAN
John Whitehurst died in London in 1788,[40] and Thomas Day died the following year.[40] Most significantly, Erasmus Darwin moved to Derby in 1781, but although he complained of being "cut off from the milk of science", he continued to attend Lunar Society meetings at least until 1788.

The outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789 caused political strains between members of the society,[42] DELL Studio 1457 CPU FAN
but it was thePriestley Riots of 1791 in Birmingham itself that saw a decisive falling off of the society's spirit and activities.[43]Joseph Priestley himself was driven from the town, leaving England entirely for the United States in 1794, DELL Studio 1458 CPU FAN
William Withering's house was invaded by rioters and Matthew Boulton and James Watt had to arm their employees to protect the Soho Manufactory.[42] Lunar meetings were continued by the younger generation of the families of earlier Lunar members, includingGregory Watt, Matthew Robinson Boulton, Thomas Wedgwood and James Watt junior, and possibly Samuel Tertius Galton.[44] DELL Studio 1535 Series CPU FAN
Regular meetings are recorded into the nineteenth century - eight in 1800, five or six before August 1801 and at least one in 1802,[6] while as late as 1809 Leonard Horner was describing "the remnant of the Lunar Society" as being "very interesting".[6] While individual members continued to produce work of importance, however, the collaborative activity that marked the heyday of the society was noticeably absent.[45] DELL Studio 1536 Series CPU FAN

The society had definitely collapsed by 1813, however: in August of that year Samuel Galton, Jr. is recorded as having won a ballot for possession of the scientific books from the society's library.

Among memorials to the Society and its members are the Moonstones; two statues of Watt and a statue of Boulton, Watt and Murdoch by William Bloye; and the museum at Soho House – all in Birmingham, England. DELL Studio 1537 Series CPU FAN
In more recent times a new Lunar Society[46] was formed in Birmingham, England, by a group led by Dame Rachel Waterhouse. Its aim is to play a leading part in the development of the city and the wider region.[47] In Italy, the Lunar Society Italia was formed to communicate science and astronomy.[48] In Australia, The Lunaticks Society of Newcastle was formed by leading digital entrepreneurs, software developers, educators, film producers, creatives, investors to encourage creative thinking and new ideas in a digital age. DELL Studio 1555 Series CPU FAN
In the latter part of the 20th Century the University of Birmingham Lunar Society met every Thursday to debate and discuss all manner of topics in the Guild bar. In 2011, steps were undertaken to reform the discussion society as an alternative to the more regulated debate options available at the university. This was agreed by the University's Guild of Students in autumn 2012. The society now hosts symposiums every two weeks. DELL Studio 17 CPU FAN
Here a range of topics are discussed from current affairs to philosophy, science and art. Any member is welcome to suggest a topic for discussion. These meetings occur in a variety of environments from University rooms to local bars. Like the Oxford Union, the society puts a huge emphasis on freedom of speech. DELL Studio 1735 CPU FAN
The Scottish Enlightenment (Scots: Scots Enlichtenment, Scottish Gaelic: Soilleireachadh na h-Alba) was the period[which?] in 18th century Scotland characterised by an outpouring of intellectual and scientific accomplishments. By 1750, Scots were among the most literate citizens of Europe, with an estimated 75% level of literacy.[1] DELL Studio 1736 CPU FAN
The culture was orientated toward books,[2] and intense discussions took place daily at such intellectual gathering places in Edinburgh as The Select Society and, later, The Poker Club as well as within Scotland’s ancient universities such as Glasgow,Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Sharing the humanist and rationalist outlook of the European Enlightenment of the same time period, DELL Studio 1737 CPU FAN
the thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment asserted the fundamental importance of human reason combined with a rejection of any authority that could not be justified by reason. They held to an optimistic belief in the ability of humanity to effect changes for the better in society and nature, guided only by reason. This latter feature gave the Scottish Enlightenment its special flavour, distinguishing it from its continental European counterpart. DELL Studio XPS 1340 CPU FAN
In Scotland, the Enlightenment was characterised by a thoroughgoing empiricism and practicality where the chief virtues were improvement, virtue, and practical benefit for the individual and society as a whole.

Among the fields that rapidly advanced were philosophy, political economy, engineering, architecture, medicine, geology, archaeology, law, agriculture, chemistry and sociology. DELL Studio XPS 1640 CPU FAN
Among the Scottish thinkers and scientists of the period wereFrancis Hutcheson, Alexander Campbell, David Hume, Adam Smith, Dugald Stewart, Thomas Reid, Robert Burns, Adam Ferguson,John Playfair, Joseph Black and James Hutton. DELL Studio XPS 1645 CPU FAN
The Scottish Enlightenment had effects far beyond Scotland, not only because of the esteem in which Scottish achievements were held outwith Scotland, but also because its ideas and attitudes were carried across the Atlantic worldas part of the Scottish diaspora, and by American students who studied in Scotland. DELL Studio XPS 1647 CPU FAN
At the union of 1707 England had about five times the population of Scotland, and about 36 times as much wealth. Scotland experienced the beginnings of economic expansion that allowed it to close this gap.[3] Contacts with England led to a conscious attempt to improve agriculture among the gentry and nobility. DELL Vostro 1000 Series CPU FAN
Although some estate holders improved the quality of life of their displaced workers, enclosures led to unemployment and forced migrations to the burghs or abroad.[4] The major change in international trade was the rapid expansion of the Americas as a market.[5] Glasgow particularly benefited from this new trade; initially supplying the colonies with manufactured goods, it emerged as the focus of the tobacco trade, re-exporting particularly to France. DELL Vostro 1014 Series CPU FAN
The merchants dealing in this lucrative business became the wealthy tobacco lords, who dominated the city for most of the eighteenth century.[6] Banking also developed in this period. The Bank of Scotland, founded in 1695 was suspected of Jacobite sympathies and so a rival Royal Bank of Scotland was founded in 1727. Local banks began to be established in burghs like Glasgow and Ayr. DELL Vostro 1015 Series CPU FAN
These made capital available for business, and the improvement of roads and trade.

The humanist-inspired emphasis on education in Scotland, culminated in the passing of the Education Act 1496, which decreed that all sons of barons and freeholders of substance should attend grammar schools.[8] The aims of a network of parish schools were taken up as part of the Protestant programme in the 16th century and a series of acts of the Privy Council and Parliament in 1616, 1633, 1646 and 1696, attempted to support its development and finance.[9] DELL Vostro 1018 Series CPU FAN
By the late 17th century there was a largely complete network of parish schools in the Lowlands, but in the Highlands basic education was still lacking in many areas.[10] One of the effects of this extensive network of schools was the growth of the "democratic myth", which in the 19th century created the widespread belief that many a "lad of pairts" had been able to rise up through the system to take high office, DELL Vostro 1088 Series CPU FAN
and that literacy was much more widespread in Scotland than in neighbouring states, particularly England.[10] Historians now accept that very few boys were able to pursue this route to social advancement and that literacy was not noticeably higher than comparable nations, as the education in the parish schools was basic, short and attendance was not compulsory.[11] DELL Vostro 1310 CPU FAN
By the 17th century Scotland had five universities, compared with England's two. After the disruption of the civil wars, Commonwealth and purges at theRestoration, they recovered with a lecture-based curriculum that was able to embrace economics and science, offering a high quality liberal education to the sons of the nobility and gentry.[10] DELL Vostro 1400 Series CPU FAN
All saw the establishment or re-establishment of chairs of mathematics. Observatories were built at St. Andrews and at King's and Marischal colleges in Aberdeen. Robert Sibbald (1641–1722) was appointed as the first Professor of Medicine at Edinburgh and he co-founded the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh in 1681.[12] DELL Vostro 1510 CPU FAN
These developments helped the universities to become major centres of medical education and would put Scotland at the forefront of new thinking.[10] By the 18th century, access to Scottish universities was probably more open than in contemporary England, Germany or France. Attendance was less expensive and the student body more socially representative.[13] In the eighteenth century Scotland reaped the intellectual benefits of this system. DELL Vostro 1700 CPU FAN
In France, Enlightenment was based in the salons and culminated in the great Encyclopédie (1751–72) edited by Denis Diderot and (until 1759) Jean le Rond d'Alembert (1713–84) with contributions by hundreds of leading intellectuals such as Voltaire (1694–1778), Rousseau (1712–78) [15] and Montesquieu (1689–1755). Some 25,000 copies of the 35-volume set were sold, half of them outside France. DELL Vostro 2510 CPU FAN
In Scottish intellectual life the culture was oriented towards books.[16]In 1763 Edinburgh had six printing houses, three paper mills, and by 1783 there were 16 printing houses and 12 paper mills.[17]

Intellectual life revolved around a series of clubs, beginning in Edinburgh in the 1710s. One of the first was the Easy Club, co-founded In Edinburgh by the Jacobite printer Thomas Ruddiman. DELL Vostro 3300 CPU FAN
Clubs did not reach Glasgow until the 1740s. One of the first and most important in the city was the Political Economy Club, aimed at creating links between academics and merchants.[18] Other clubs in Edinburgh included The Select Society, formed by artists Allan Ramsay, and philosophers David Hume and Adam Smith[19] and, later, The Poker Club, formed in 1762 and named by Adam Ferguson for the aim to "poke up" opinion on the militia issue. DELL Vostro 3350 CPU FAN
The first major philosopher of the Scottish Enlightenment was Francis Hutcheson (1694–1746), who was professor of moral philosophy at Glasgow from 1729 to 1746. He was an important link between the ideas of Shaftesbury and the later school of Scottish Common Sense Realism, developing Utilitarianism andConsequentialist thinking.[21] DELL Vostro 3400 CPU FAN
David Hume (1711–76) whose Treatise on Human Nature (1738) and Essays, Moral and Political (1741) helped outline the parameters of philosophical Empiricism andScepticism.[22] He would be a major influence of later Enlightenment figures including Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham.[23]

In contrast to Hume, Thomas Reid (1710–96) formulated Common Sense Realism in his An Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense (1764).[24] DELL Vostro 3450 CPU FAN
This approach argued that there are certain concepts, such as human existence, the existence of solid objects and some basic moral "first principles", that are intrinsic to the make up of man and from which all subsequent arguments and systems of morality must be derived. It can be seen as an attempt to reconcile the new scientific developments of the Enlightenment with religious belief. DELL Vostro 3500 CPU FAN
Major literary figures originating in Scotland in this period included James Boswell (1740–95), whose An Account of Corsica (1768) and The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides (1785) drew on his extensive travels and whose Life of Samuel Johnson (1791) is a major source on one of the English Enlightenment's major men of letters and his circle.[26] DELL Vostro 3700 CPU FAN
Allan Ramsay (1686–1758) laid the foundations of a reawakening of interest in older Scottish literature, as well as leading the trend for pastoral poetry, helping to develop the Habbie stanza as a poetic form.[27] Hugh Blair (1718–1800) was a minister of the Church of Scotland and held the Chair of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres at the University of Edinburgh. DELL Vostro 3700 Series CPU FAN
He produced an edition of the works of Shakespeare and is best known for Sermons(1777–1801), a five-volume endorsement of practical Christian morality, and Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres (1783), an essay on literary composition, which was to have a major impact on the work of Adam Smith. He was also one of the figures who first drew the Ossian cycle of James Macpherson to public attention.[28] DELL Vostro 3750 CPU FAN
Macpherson (1736–96) was the first Scottish poet to gain an international reputation. Claiming to have found poetry written by the ancient bard Ossian, he published "translations" that were proclaimed as a Celtic equivalent of the Classical epics. Fingal, written in 1762, was speedily translated into many European languages, DELL Vostro A840 CPU FAN
and its appreciation of natural beauty and treatment of the ancient legend has been credited more than any single work with bringing about the Romantic movement in European, and especially in German literature, through its influence on Johann Gottfried von Herder and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.[29] Eventually it became clear that the poems were not direct translations from the Gaelic, but flowery adaptations made to suit the aesthetic expectations of his audience. DELL Vostro A860 CPU FAN
Scottish Enlightenment thinkers developed what Hume called a science of man,[33] which was expressed historically in works by such as James Burnett, Adam Ferguson, John Millar and William Robertson, all of whom merged a scientific study of how humans behave in ancient and primitive cultures, with an awareness of the determining forces of modernity. DELL XPS L501X CPU FAN
Alan Swingewood argues that modern sociology largely originated from this movement.[34] James Burnett, Lord Monboddo (1714–99) is most famous today as a founder of modern comparative historical linguistics. He was the first major figure to argue that mankind had evolved language skills in response to his changing environment and social structures.[35] DELL XPS L502X CPU FAN
He was one of a number of scholars involved in the development of early concepts ofevolution and has been credited with anticipating in principle the idea of natural selection that was developed into a scientific theory by Charles Darwin.

The focus of the Scottish Enlightenment ranged from intellectual and economic matters to the specifically scientific as in the work of William Cullen, DELL XPS M1210 CPU FAN
physician and chemist, James Anderson, agronomist, Joseph Black, physicist and chemist, was the discoverer of latent heat[37] and James Hutton (1726–97), the first moderngeologist.[38][39] His ideas were popularised by the scientist and mathematician John Playfair (1748–1819).[40]

In medicine key figures included the brothers, William (1718–83) and John Hunter (1728–93), DELL XPS M1330 CPU FAN
who were, respectively, the leading anatomist and surgeon of their day and helped to make Edinburgh a major centre of medical teaching and research. DELL XPS M140 CPU FAN,DELL XPS M1530 CPU FAN,DELL XPS M170 CPU FAN,DELL XPS M1710 CPU FAN

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