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Board of the French language) regulates Quebec French and ensures the Charter of the French Language (Bill 101 & 104) is respected. SONY KFRGBA028C Keyboard

French is one of Haiti's two official languages. It is the principal language of writing, school instruction, and administrative use. It is spoken by all educated Haitians and is used in the business sector. It is also used in ceremonial events such as weddings, graduations and church masses. About 10–15% of the country's population have French as their first language; the rest speak it as a secondary language in varying degrees of proficiency from basic level to fluent. SONY KFRMBA151B Keyboard

The second official language is the recently standardized Haitian Creole, which virtually the entire population of Haiti speaks. Haitian Creole is one of the French-based creole languages, drawing the large majority of its vocabulary from French, with influences from West African languages, as well as several European languages. Haitian Creole is closely related to Louisiana Creole and other French creoles. SONY KFRMBA152A Keyboard

French is the third[26][27] most-spoken language in the United States, after English and Spanish, and the second most-spoken in the states of Louisiana, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Louisiana is home to many distinct dialects, collectively known as Louisiana French. Cajun French has the largest number of speakers, mostly living in Acadiana. According to the 2000 United States Census, SONY KFRMBA152A Keyboard

 there are over 194,000 people in Louisiana who speak French at home, the most of any state if Creole French is excluded.[27] New England French, essentially a variant of Canadian French, is spoken in parts of New England. Missouri French was historically spoken in Missouri and Illinois(formerly known as Upper Louisiana), but is nearly extinct today.[28] SONY KFRMBA152B Keyboard

The Portuguese language is heavily influenced by more than a millennium of perennial contact with several dialects of both Oïl (chiefly French after France became the major European power) and Occitan (chiefly Provençal around the troubadour apex in the Middle Ages, see Galician-Portuguese lyric), SONY KFRMBA220A Keyboard

in lexicon (up to 15–20% in some estimates, at least 5000 word roots), phonology (chiefly among the European and more Europeanized Brazilian dialects) and orthography.[29][30][31] After greater and continual Portuguese immigration, and Tupi influence,[32] the status of French as a language of culture in the Western world for centuries and the presence of Swiss immigrants (sixth largest European group to Brazil) for a consirable span of time is popularly regarded to be the main source of difference between the group of dialects spoken in Florianópolis, SONY KFRMBA221A Keyboard

Rio de Janeiro,Espírito Santo and surrounding regions, and those elsewhere in Brazil (it was also more indirectly influenced by French due to the larger Portuguese influence there and the stronger Francophile feel in the Portuguese culture—Portuguese and French influence are often confused).[33][34][35] SONY KFRSBA019A Keyboard

The learning of French is historically the most important and has always been strong among the Lusophone high societies, and for a great span of time it was also a foreign language strong among the [middle class] general populaces of both Portugal and Brazil, only surpassed in the globalised postmodernity by English, in both, and more recently by Spanish, in the latter.[36][37][38][39] SONY N860-7676-T002 Keyboard

The French language was also briefly spoken in Brazil during the colonial attempts of France Antarctique and France équinoxiale at the 16th and 17th centuries respectively (the expulsing of early French colonists by the Portuguese culminated on the founding of the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Luís respectively). Also, as mentioned above, the language was used by several communities of immigrants and expatriates in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, chiefly Swiss, but also some French and Belgians. SONY N860-7676-T101 Keyboard

Today the Karipuna indigenous community (nearly 30,000 people) of Amapá in Northern Brazil speaks a French creole, the Lanc-Patuá, possibly related to theFrench Guiana Creole.

A majority of the world's French-speaking population lives in Africa. According to the 2007 report by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, an estimated 115 million African people spread across 31 Francophone African countries can speak French as either a first or a second language.[4] SONY NSK-S2001 Keyboard

This number does not include the people living in non-Francophone African countries who have learned French as a foreign language.[4]Due to the rise of French in Africa, the total French-speaking population is expected to reach 700 million people in 2050.[44]

French is mostly a second language in Africa, but it has become a first language in some urban areas, such as the region of Abidjan, SONY NSK-S6101 Keyboard

Côte d'Ivoire[45] and in Libreville, Gabon.[3] The classification of French as a second language in Francophone Africa is debatable because it is often the only language spoken and written in schools, administrations, radio, TV and the Internet. This prevalence of French is noticeable in popular music, in which French is often mixed with the language of the song. There is not a single African French, SONY NSK-S8101 Keyboard

but multiple forms that diverged through contact with various indigenous African languages.[46] In fact, the term African French is a misnomer, as forms are different from country to country, and the root of the French spoken in a particular country depends on its former colonial empire. French spoken in the Benin, for example, is closer to that spoken in France than to French spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is rooted in Belgian French. SONY V-0702BIAS1-US Keyboard

In the territories of the Indian Ocean, the French language is often spoken alongside French-derived creole languages, the major exception being Madagascar. There, a Malayo-Polynesian language (Malagasy) is spoken alongside French. SONY V-0709BIAS1-US Keyboard

Sub-Saharan Africa is the region where the French language is most likely to expand, because of the expansion of education and rapid demographic growth.[47] It is also where the language has evolved the most in recent years.[48][49] Some vernacular forms of French in Africa can be difficult to understand for French speakers from other countries,[50] SONY V070978BS1 Keyboard

but written forms of the language are very closely related to those of the rest of the French-speaking world. SONY V0709BIAS1 Keyboard

Arabic is the official language of Lebanon, where a special law regulates the use of French. French is considered a second language by the Lebanese people and is used on bank notes (along with Arabic) and on official buildings. French is widely used by the Lebanese, especially for administrative purposes, and is taught in many schools as a secondary language along with Arabic and English. See further languages of Lebanon. SONY V072078AS1 Keyboard

As in Lebanon, French was official in Syria until 1943. In contrast to the situation in Lebanon, the French language is less used, but it is still spoken to some degree by educated groups, both in the élite and in the middle-class. See furtherlanguages of Syria. SONY V072078BS1 Keyboard

There are also a significant number of native and second-language French-speakers in Israel who trace their origins to the francocized Jewish communities of North Africa, (see Maghrebi Jews) and Romania. Today, about 10% of Israelis speak French, taught in the numerous French schools run by the French government and Catholic orders. See further: languages of Israel. Listed by SONY Laptop Model.

French has de jure official status in the Indian Union Territory of Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry), along with the regional languages Tamil, Teluguand Malayalam. Some students of Tamil Nadu opt for French as their second or third language (usually behind English and Tamil). According to the French Institute of Pondicherry, French is however "very little spoken" in Puducherry.[53] Listed by SONY Laptop Model.

French is commonly taught as a third language in secondary schools in most cities of Maharashtra, including Mumbai (Bombay), as part of the preparation for secondary school (X-SSC) and higher secondary school (XII-HSC) certificate examinations. Certain high-profile schools affiliated with the CBSE in the NCR offer French as an option as early as grade 4. SONY VAIO PCG-792L Keyboard

French is also taught in schools in Chandannagar (a former French colony in West Bengal). Students also have the option of having French as an additional subject in the secondary school (WBBSE) and higher secondary school (WBCHSE) certificate examinations. SONY VAIO PCG-F14 Keyboard

As a result, it can be difficult to predict the spelling of a word based on the sound. Final consonants are generally silent, except when the following word begins with a vowel. For example, all of these words end in a vowel sound: pied, aller, les, finit, beaux. The same words followed by a vowel, however, may sound the consonants, as they do in these examples: beaux-arts, les amis, pied-à-terre. SONY VAIO PCG-F14/BP Keyboard

On the other hand, a given spelling usually leads to a predictable sound. In particular, a given vowel combination or diacritic predictably leads to one phoneme.

French writing, as with any language, is affected by the spoken language. In Old French, the plural for animal was animals. The /als/ sequence was unstable and was turned into a diphthong /aus/. This change was then reflected in the orthography: SONY VAIO PCG-F150 Keyboard

animaus. The us ending, very common in Latin, was then abbreviated by copists monks by the letter x, resulting in a written form animax. As the French language further evolved, the pronunciation of au turned into /o/ so that the uwas reestablished in orthography for consistency, resulting in modern French animaux (pronounced first /animos/ before the final /s/ was dropped in contemporary French). The same is true for cheval pluralized as chevaux and many others. In addition, castel pl. castels became château pl. châteauxSONY VAIO PCG-F16 Keyboard

The French counting system is partially vigesimal: twenty (vingt) is used as a base number in the names of numbers from 60 to 99. The French word for 80 isquatre-vingts, literally "four twenties", and the word for 75 is soixante-quinze, literally "sixty-fifteen". This reform arose after the French Revolution to unify the different counting systems (mostly vigesimal near the coast, because of Celtic (via Breton) and Viking influences). SONY VAIO PCG-F16/BP Keyboard

This system is comparable to the archaic English use of score, as in "fourscore and seven" (87), or "threescore and ten" (70). In Old French (during the Middle Ages), all numbers from 30 to 99 could be said in either base 10 or base 20, e.g. vint et doze (twenty and twelve) for 32, dous vinz et diz (two twenties and ten) for 50, uitante for 80, ornonante for 90.[66] SONY VAIO PCG-F160 Keyboard

Belgian French, Swiss French and the French used in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi are different in this respect. In Belgium and Switzerland 70 and 90 are septante and nonante. In Switzerland, depending on the local dialect, 80 can be quatre-vingts (Geneva, Neuchâtel, Jura) or huitante(Vaud, Valais, Fribourg). Octante had been used in Switzerland in the past, but is now considered archaic.[67] In Belgium and in its former African colonies, however, quatre-vingts is universally used. SONY VAIO PCG-F180 Keyboard

It should also be noted that French, like most European languages, uses a period (also called a full stop) or a space to separate thousands where English uses a comma or (more recently) a space. The comma is used in French numbers as a decimal point: 2,5 = deux virgule cinq.

It can be difficult to identify the Latin source of native French words, because in the evolution from Vulgar Latin, unstressed syllables were severely reduced and the remaining vowels and consonants underwent significant modifications. SONY VAIO PCG-F190 Keyboard

It is estimated that 12% (4,200) of common French words found in a typical dictionary such as the Petit Larousse or Micro-Robert Plus (35,000 words) are of foreign origin (where Greek and Latin learned words are not seen as foreign). About 25% (1,054) of these foreign words come from English and are fairly recent borrowings. SONY VAIO PCG-F20 Keyboard

The others are some 707 words from Italian, 550 from ancient Germanic languages, 481 from other Gallo-Romance languages, 215 from Arabic, 164 fromGerman, 160 from Celtic languages, 159 from Spanish, 153 from Dutch, 112 from Persian and Sanskrit, 101 from Native American languages, 89 from other Asian languages, 56 from other Afro-Asiatic languages, 55 from Slavic languages and Baltic languages, 10 from Basque and 144 (about 3%) from other languages.[65] SONY VAIO PCG-F20/BP2 Keyboard

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (French: Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes (MAEE)), is France's foreign affairs ministry, with the headquarters located on the Quai d'Orsay in Paris close to the National Assembly of France. The Minister of Foreign and European Affairs (French: Ministre des Affaires étrangères et européennes) SONY VAIO PCG-F200 Keyboard

in the government of France is the cabinet minister responsible for the foreign relations of France, and took its current title in 2007. "Quai d'Orsay" is often used as a metonym for the ministry. Part of the ministry's central administration is located inNantes.[citation needed] SONY VAIO PCG-F20BP Keyboard

The current minister is Laurent Fabius.

Secretaries to the King became specialized, writing correspondence to foreign governments, and negotiating peace treaties. SONY VAIO PCG-F212 Keyboard

The Ancien Régime position of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairsbecame Foreign Minister around 1723,[1] and was renamed Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1791 after the French Revolution. All ministerial positions were abolished in 1794 by the National Convention and re-established with the Directory. For a brief period in the 1980s, the office was retitled Minister for External Relations. SONY VAIO PCG-F23 Keyboard

Armand Marc, comte de Montmorin de Saint Herem (1745–1792) was a French statesman. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Navy under Louis XVI.

He belonged to a junior branch of a noble family of Auvergne. He was gentleman-in-waiting to Louis XVI when dauphin, SONY VAIO PCG-F23/BP Keyboard

and was subsequently appointed ambassador to Madrid. From Madrid he was suddenly summoned to the governorship of Brittany, and in 1787 was appointed by the king to succeed Vergennes in the ministry of foreign affairs. Montmorin was a devoted admirer of Jacques Necker, whose influence at court he helped maintain. SONY VAIO PCG-F23/BP2 Keyboard

He retired when Necker was dismissed on July 12, 1789, but on Necker's recall after the storming of the Bastille again resumed his office, which he continued to hold till October 1791. Honoré Mirabeau had approached him as early as December 1788, with a plan for the policy to be pursued by the court towards the new states general; but Montmorin, offended by Mirabeau's attacks on Necker and by his Histoire secrete de la cour de Berlin, refused to see him. SONY VAIO PCG-F250 Keyboard

With the progress of the French Revolution, however, this attitude changed. The comte de la Marck was trying to bring Mirabeau into touch with the court, and for this purpose it was important to secure the assistance of Montmorin. The two men were soon on the closest terms. While Montmorin continued as minister in name, SONY VAIO PCG-F26 Keyboard

Mirabeau became so in fact. Montmorin did not dare to come to a decision without consulting Mirabeau, but neither Mirabeau nor La Marck were under any illusions as to the his character. Mirabeau complained bitterly that Montmorin was "slack" (flasque) and a "poltroon" (gavache). La Marck thought that Montmorin's feebleness was occasionally useful in restraining Mirabeau's impetuosity. SONY VAIO PCG-F26/BP Keyboard

The death of Mirabeau in April 1791 was a severe blow to Montmorin, the difficulty of whose position was enormously increased after the flight of the royal family to Varennes, to which he was not privy. He was forced to resign office, but still continued to advise Louis, and was one of the inner circle of the king's friends, called by the revolutionists "the Austrian Committee." In June 1792 his papers were seized at the foreign office, SONY VAIO PCG-F26/BP2 Keyboard

without anything incriminating being discovered; in July he was denounced, and after August 10 was proscribed. He took refuge in the house of a washerwoman, but was discovered, taken before the Legislative Assembly, and imprisoned in the Abbaye, where he perished in the September massacres. His relative, Louis Victor Henri, marquis de Montmorin de Saint Herem, head of the senior branch of the family, also perished in the massacre. SONY VAIO PCG-F270 Keyboard

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 member states that are located primarilyin Europe.[12][13] The EU operates through a system of supranational independent institutions andintergovernmental negotiated decisions by the member states.[14][15] Institutions of the EU include theEuropean Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Council, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Central Bank, the Court of Auditors, and the European Parliament. The European Parliament is elected every five years by EU citizens. The EU's de facto capital is Brussels.[16] SONY VAIO PCG-F280 Keyboard

The EU traces its origins from the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and the European Economic Community (EEC), formed by the Inner Six countries in 1951 and 1958 respectively. In the intervening years the community and its successors have grown in size by the accession of new member states and in power by the addition of policy areas to its remit. The Maastricht Treaty established the European Union under its current name in 1993.[17] SONY VAIO PCG-F290 Keyboard

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