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Larne Harbour

Main article: Transport in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is served by three airports – Belfast International near Antrim, George Best Belfast City in East Belfast, and City of Derry in County Londonderry. Sony VGP-BPS13/B Battery


Major sea ports at Larne and Belfast carry passengers and freight between Great Britain and

The Twelfth is a Bank & Public Holiday and an annual Protestant event, involving Orange parades

Main article: Culture of Northern IrelandSony VGP-BPS13/S Battery


See also: Culture of Ulster, Culture of Ireland, and Culture of the United Kingdom

With its improved international reputation, Northern Ireland has recently witnessed rising numbers of tourists. Attractions include cultural festivals, musical and artistic traditions, countryside and geographical sites of interest, public houses, welcoming hospitality and sports (especially golf and fishing). Since 1987 public houses have been allowed to open on Sundays, despite some opposition. Sony VGP-BPS13A/B Battery


Main article: Ulster Cycle

The Ulster Cycle is a large body of prose and verse centring around the traditional heroes of the Ulaid in what is now eastern Ulster. This is one of the four major cycles of Irish Mythology. The cycle centres around the reign of Conchobar mac Nessa, who is said to have been king of Ulster around the time of Christ. He ruled from Emain Macha (now Navan Fort near Armagh), and had a fierce rivalry with queen Medb and king Ailill of Connacht and their ally, Fergus mac Róich, former king of Ulster. The foremost hero of the cycle is Conchobar's nephew Cúchulainn. Sony VGP-BPS13B/B Battery




Main article: Mid Ulster English


This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2010) Sony VGP-BPX11 Battery


The dialect of English spoken in Northern Ireland shows influence from the lowland Scots language.[64] There are supposedly some minute differences in pronunciation between Protestants and Catholics, the best known of which is the name of the letter h, Sony VGP-BPL14/S Battery

 which Protestants tend to pronounce as "aitch", as in British English, and Catholics tend to pronounce as "haitch", as in Hiberno-English. However, geography is a much more important determinant of dialect than religious background. Sony VGP-BPS14/S Battery

English is spoken as a first language by almost 100% of the Northern Irish population, though under the Good Friday Agreement, Irish and Ulster Scots (one of the dialects of the Scots language), sometimes known as Ullans, have recognition as "part of the cultural wealth of Northern Ireland".[65] Sony VGP-BPL14/S Battery



This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2010) Sony VGP-BPS21 Battery


The Irish language (Gaeilge) is the native language of the whole island of Ireland.[66] It was spoken predominantly throughout what is now Northern Ireland before the Ulster Plantations in the 17th century. Most placenames throughout Northern Ireland are anglicised versions of their Gaelic originals. These Gaelic placenames include thousands of lanes, roads, Sony VGP-BPS21B Battery

townlands, towns, villages and all of its modern cities. Examples include Belfast- derived from Béal Feirste, Shankill- derived from Sean Cill and Lough Neagh- derived from Loch nEathach. Sony VGP-BPS21/S Battery


In Northern Ireland the Irish language has long been associated with Irish nationalism. The language was seen as a common heritage and indeed the object of affection by many prominent 19th century Protestant republicans and Protestant unionists. There are three main dialects in the island of Ireland—Ulster, Munster and Connacht. Speakers of each dialect often find others difficult to understand. Speakers in Northern Ireland speak the Ulster dialect. Sony VGP-BPS13B/Q Battery


In the early years of the 20th century, the language became a political football throughout Ireland as Republican activists became increasingly linked with it. In the 20th century, the language became in Unionist eyes increasingly polarised for political ends and many in that community would blame Sinn Féin in this regard. After Ireland was partitionedSony VGP-BPS13A/Q Battery

, the language was largely rejected in the education system of the new Northern Ireland. It is argued[67] that the predominant use of the English language may have served to exacerbate the Troubles.[dubious – discuss] Sony VGP-BPS13/Q Battery


The erection by some Local District Councils of legal bilingual street names (English/Irish),[68] invariably in predominantly Catholic/Nationalist/Republican districts, may be perceived as creating a 'chill factor' by Unionists and as such not conducive to fostering good cross community relationships. However other countries within the United Kingdom, Dell PW773 Battery

such as Wales and Scotland, enjoy the use of Bilingual signs in Welsh and Scots Gaelic respectively. Because of this, nationalists in Northern Ireland argue for equality in this regard. In responses to the 2001 census in Northern Ireland 10% of the population claimed "some knowledge of Irish",[69] 4.7% to "speak, read, write and understand" Irish. Dell WU946 Battery

 [69] It was not asked as part of the census but in a poll, 1% of respondents said they speak it as their main language at home.[70] Following a public consultation, the decision was taken not to introduce specific legislation for the Irish language at this time, despite 75% of the (self-selecting) respondents stating that they were in favour of such legislation.[71] Dell WU965 Battery


Ulster Irish[72][dead link] or Donegal Irish,[72] is the dialect which is nearest to Scots Gaelic. Some words and phrases of the dialect are shared with Scots Gaelic. The dialects of East Ulster – those of Rathlin Island and the Glens of Antrim – were very similar to the Scottish Gaelic dialect formerly spoken in Argyll, the part of Scotland nearest to Rathlin Island.Dell KM973 Battery

The Ulster Gaelic is the most central dialect of Gaelic, both geographically and linguistically, of the once vast Gaelic speaking world, stretching from the south of Ireland to the north of Scotland. At the beginning of the 20th century, Munster Irish was favoured by many revivalists, with a shift to Connacht Irish in the 1960s, Dell KM974 Battery

which is now the preferred dialect by many in Ireland. Many younger speakers of Irish experience less confusion with dialects due to the expansion of Irish-language broadcasting (TG4) and the exposure to a variety of dialects. There are fewer problems regarding written Irish as there is a standardised spelling and grammar, Dell KM976 Battery

created by the Irish Government, which was supposed to reflect a compromise between various dialect forms. However, Ulster Irish speakers find that Ulster forms are generally not favoured by the standard. Dell KM978 Battery


All learners of Irish in Northern Ireland use this form of the language. Self-instruction courses in Ulster Irish include Now You’re Talking and Tús maith. The writer Séamus Ó Searcaigh, once warned about the Irish Government's attempts at producing a Caighdeán or Standard for the Irish language in Ireland in 1953, Dell MT335 Battery

 when he wrote that what will emerge will be "Gaedhilg nach mbéidh suim againn inntí mar nár fhás sí go nádúrtha as an teangaidh a thug Gaedhil go hÉirinn" (A Gaelic which is of no interest to us, for it has not developed naturally from the language brought to Ireland by the Gaels). Dell PW823 Battery

The Ulster Irish dialect is spoken throughout the area of the historical nine county Ulster, in particular the Gaeltacht region of County Donegal and the Gaeltacht Quarter of West Belfast.[73] Mayo Irish has strong ties with Donegal Irish.Dell PW824 Battery


Ulster Scots

Ulster Scots comprises varieties of the Scots language spoken in Northern Ireland. Aodán Mac Poilín[74] states that "While most argue that Ulster-Scots is a dialect or variant of Scots, some have argued or implied that Ulster-Scots is a separate language from Scots. The case for Ulster-Scots being a distinct language, made at a time when the status of Scots itself was insecure, Dell RM791 Battery

is so bizarre that it is unlikely to have been a linguistic argument." Approximately 2% of the population claim to speak Ulster Scots,[75Dell RM868 Battery

] however the number speaking it as their main language in their home is negligible.[70] Classes at colleges can now be taken[76] but for a native English speaker "[the language] is comparatively accessible, and even at its most intense can be understood fairly easily with the help of a glossary."[74] The St Andrews Agreement recognises the need to "enhance and develop the Ulster Scots language, heritage and culture".[77] Sony VAIO VGN-FW51B/W Battery


Sign languages

Three sign languages are used in Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland Sign Language (NISL), British Sign Language (BSL) and Irish Sign Language (ISL).

The most common sign language in Northern Ireland is British Sign Language (BSL), but as Catholics tended to send their deaf children to schools in Dublin (St Joseph's Institute for Deaf Boys and St. Mary's Institute for Deaf Girls), Irish Sign Language (ISL) Sony VAIO VGN-FW51MF Battery

 is commonly used in the Nationalist community. The two languages are not related: BSL is in the British family (which also includes Auslan), and ISL is in the French family (which also includes American Sign Language). Sony VAIO VGN-FW51MF/H Battery


NISL is described as being related to Irish Sign Language (ISL) at the syntactic level while the lexicon is based on British Sign Language (BSL)[78] and American Sign Language (ASL).[citation needed] Sony VAIO VGN-FW51ZF Battery


As of March 2004 the British Government recognises only British Sign Language and Irish Sign Language as the official sign languages used in Northern Ireland.[79][80]

Other languagesSony VAIO VGN-FW51ZF/H Battery



This section does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2010) Sony VAIO VGN-FW51ZF/H Battery


There are an increasing number of ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland. Chinese and Urdu are spoken by Northern Ireland's Asian communities; though the Chinese community is often referred to as the "third largest" community in Northern Ireland, it is tiny by international standards. Since the accession of new member states to the European Union in 2004, Central and Eastern European languages, particularly Polish, are becoming increasingly common. Sony VAIO VGN-FW70DB Battery


Variations in geographic nomenclature


Alternative names for Northern Ireland

Main article: Alternative names for Northern Ireland

Many people inside and outside Northern Ireland use other names for Northern Ireland, depending on their point of view.

Sony VAIO VGN-FW72JGB Battery



Free Derry mural

Notwithstanding the ancient realm of Dál Riata which extended into Scotland, disagreement on names, and the reading of political symbolism into the use or non-use of a word, also attaches itself to some urban centres. The most famous example is whether Northern Ireland's second city should be called "Derry" or "Londonderry".Sony VAIO VGN-FW73JGB Battery


Choice of language and nomenclature in Northern Ireland often reveals the cultural, ethnic and religious identity of the speaker. The first Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Seamus Mallon, was criticised by unionist politicians for calling the region the Sony VAIO VGN-FW74FB Battery

"North of Ireland" while Sinn Féin has been criticised in some Irish newspapers for still referring to the "Six Counties".[81]

Those who do not belong to any group but lean towards one side often tend to use the language of that group. Supporters of unionism in the British media (notably the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express) regularly call Northern Ireland "Ulster".[82] Sony VAIO VGN-FW81NS Battery

 Some nationalist and republican-leaning media outlets in Ireland almost always use "North of Ireland" or the "Six Counties".Sony VAIO VGN-FW81S Battery


Government and cultural organisations in Northern Ireland, particularly those pre-dating the 1980s[citation needed], often use the word "Ulster" in their title; for example, the University of Ulster, the Ulster Museum, the Ulster Orchestra, and BBC Radio Ulster. Sony VAIO VGN-NS10E/S Battery


Although some news bulletins since the 1990s have opted to avoid all contentious terms and use the official name, Northern Ireland, the term Sony VAIO VGN-NW31JF Battery

"The North" remains commonly used by broadcast media in the Republic, to the annoyance of some Unionists.[citation needed] Bertie Ahern, the previous Taoiseach, now almost always refers to "Northern Ireland" in public, having previously only used "The North". For Northern Ireland's second largest city, broadcasting outlets which are unaligned tSony VAIO VGN-NW31JF Battery

o either community and broadcast to both use both names interchangeably, often starting a report with "Londonderry" and then using "Derry" in the rest of the report. However, within Northern Ireland, print media which are aligned to either community (the News Letter is aligned Sony VAIO VGN-NW31JF Battery

to the unionist community while the Irish News is aligned to the nationalist community) generally use their community's preferred term. British newspapers with unionist leanings, such as the Daily Telegraph, usually use the language of the unionist community. However the more left-wing Guardian recommends in its style guide using "Derry" and "Co Derry", and "not Londonderry".[83] Sony VAIO VGN-NW31JF Battery


The division in nomenclature is seen particularly in sports and religions associated with one of the communities. Gaelic games use "Derry", for example. Nor is there clear agreement on how to decide on a name. When the nationalist-controlled local council voted to re-name the city "Derry" unionists objected, Sony VAIO VGN-NW21MF Battery

stating that as it owed its city status to a Royal Charter, only a charter issued by the Queen could change the name. The Queen has not intervened on the matter and thus the council is now called the Derry City Council while the city is still officially Londonderry. Nevertheless, Sony VAIO VGN-NW21JF Battery

the council has printed two sets of stationery – one for each term – and their policy is to reply to correspondence using whichever term the original sender used. Sony VAIO VGN-NW21EF/S Battery


At times of high communal tension, each side regularly complains of the use of the nomenclature associated with the other community by a third party such as a media organisation, claiming such usage indicates evident "bias" against their community. Sony VAIO VGN-SR21RM/S Battery



Ulster, strictly speaking, refers to the province of Ulster, of which six of nine historical counties are in Northern Ireland. The term "Ulster" is widely used by the Unionist community and the British press as shorthand for Northern Ireland.[8Sony VAIO VGN-SR21RM/H Battery

4] In the past, calls have been made for Northern Ireland's name to be changed to Ulster. This proposal was formally considered by the Government of Northern Ireland in 1937 and again in 1949 but no change was made.[85] Sony VAIO VGN-SR21M/S Battery


The Province refers literally to the historic Irish province of Ulster but today is used as shorthand for Northern Ireland. The BBC, in its editorial guidance for Reporting the United Kingdom, states that "the Province" is an appropriate secondary synonym for Northern Ireland, while "Ulster" is Sony VAIO VGN-SR210J/S Battery

not. It also suggests that "people of Northern Ireland" should be preferred to "British", and the term "mainland" should be avoided in reference to Great Britain in relation to Northern Ireland[86] Sony VAIO VGN-SR19XN Battery

Nationalist/RepublicanDell Inspiron N5010 battery


North of Ireland (Tuaisceart na hÉireann) or North-East Ireland (Oirthuaisceart Éireann)- to emphasize the link of Northern Ireland to the rest of the island, and so by implication playing down Northern Ireland's links with Great Britain.[87] Dell Inspiron N7010 battery


The Six Counties (na Sé Chontae) – language used by republicans e.g. Sinn Féin, which avoids using the name given by the British-enacted Government of Ireland Act 1920. (the Republic is similarly described as the Twenty-Six Counties.)[8Dell Inspiron N3610 battery

8] Some of the users of these terms contend that using the official name of the region would imply acceptance of the legitimacy of the Government of Ireland Act. Dell Inspiron N4010 battery


The Occupied Six Counties. The state of Ireland, whose legitimacy is not recognised by republicans opposed to the Belfast Agreement, is described as "The Free State", referring to the Irish Free State, which gained independence (as a Dominion) in 1922.[89] Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 battery


British-Occupied Ireland. Similar in tone to the Occupied Six Counties this term is used by more dogmatic anti-Good Friday Agreement republicans who still hold that the First Dáil was the last legitimate government of Ireland and that all governments since have been foreign imposed usurpations of Irish national self-determination.[90] Dell Inspiron Mini 10V battery


Fourth Green Field (An Cheathrú Gort Glas).[citation needed] From the song Four Green Fields by Tommy Makem which describes Ireland as divided with one of the four green fields (the traditional provinces of Ireland) being In strangers hands, referring to the partition of Ireland.

OtherDell Inspiron Mini 10 battery


The North (An Tuaisceart) – used to describe Northern Ireland in the same way that "The South" is used to describe the Republic.[citation needed] Dell Inspiron XPS M1710 battery


Norn Iron – is an informal and affectionate[citation needed] local nickname used by both nationalists and unionists to refer to Northern Ireland, derived from the pronunciation of the words "Northern Ireland" in an exaggerated Ulster accent (particularly one from the Greater Dell Inspiron XPS M170 battery

Belfast area). The phrase is seen as a light-hearted way to refer to Northern Ireland, based as it is on regional pronunciation. Often refers to the Northern Ireland national football team.

Descriptions for Northern IrelandDell Inspiron E1705 battery


There is no generally accepted term to describe what Northern Ireland is: province, region, country or something else.[91][92][93] The choice of term can be controversial and can reveal the writer's political preferences.[92] This has been noted as a problem by several writers on Northern Ireland, with no generally recommended solution.[91][92][93] Dell Inspiron E1505 battery


Owing in part to the way in which the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland came into being, there is no legally defined term to describe what Northern Ireland 'is'. There is also no uniform or guiding way to refer to Northern Ireland amongst the agencies of the UK government. For example, the websites of the Office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom[Dell Inspiron 9400 battery

4] and the UK Statistics Authority[3] describe the United Kingdom as being made up of four countries, one of these being Northern Ireland. Other pages[94] on the same websites refer to Northern Ireland specifically as a "province" as do publications of the UK Statistics Authority.[95] Dell Inspiron 8500 Series battery

Dell Inspiron 8600 Series battery

The website of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency also refers to Northern Ireland as being a province[96] as does the website of the Office of Public Sector Information[97] and other agencies within Northern Ireland.[98] Publications of HM Treasury[99] and the Department of Finance and Personnel of the Northern Ireland Executive,[100] on the other hand, describe Northern Ireland as being a "region of the UK"Toshiba PA3480U-1BRS Battery

. The UK's submission to the 2007 United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names defines the UK as being made up of two countries (England and Scotland), one principality (Wales) and one province (Northern Ireland).[101] Toshiba PA3480U-1BAS Battery


Unlike England, Scotland and Wales, Northern Ireland has no history of being an independent country or of being a nation in its own right.[102] Some writers describe the United Kingdom as being made up of three countries and one provinceToshiba PA3479U-1BRS Battery

103] or point out the difficulties with calling Northern Ireland a country.[104] Authors writing specifically about Northern Ireland dismiss the idea that Northern Ireland is a "country" in Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS Battery

general terms,[91][93][105][106] and draw contrasts in this respect with England, Scotland and Wales.[107] Even for the period covering the first 50 years of Northern Ireland's existence, the term country is considered inappropriate by some political scientists on the basis that many decisions were still made in London.[102Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS Battery

] The absence of a distinct nation of Northern Ireland, separate within the island of Ireland, is also pointed out as being a problem with using the term[93][108][109] and is in contrast to England, Scotland and Wales.[110] Toshiba PA3450U-1BRS Battery


Many commentators prefer to use the term "province", although that is also not without problems. It can arouse irritation, particularly among nationalists, for whom the title province is properly reserved for the traditional province of Ulster, of which Northern Ireland occupies six out of nine counties. Toshiba PA3420U-1BRS Battery

92][104] The BBC style guide is to refer to Northern Ireland as a province, and use of the term is common in literature and newspaper reports on Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Some authors have described the meaning of this term as being equivocal: referring to Northern Ireland as being a province both of the United Kingdom and of the traditional country of Ireland.[108] Toshiba PA3383U-1BRS Battery


"Region" is used by several UK government agencies and the European Union. Some authors choose this word but note that it is "unsatisfactory".[92][93] Northern Ireland can also be simply described as "part of the UK", including by UK government offices.[4] Toshiba PA3356U-1BRS Battery




Main article: Sport in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, sport is popular and important in the lives of many people. Sports tend to be organised on an all-Ireland basis including both Northern Ireland and the Republic, as in the case of Gaelic football, rugby union, hockey, basketball, cricket and hurling.[111] The main exception is association football, which has separate governing bodies for each jurisdiction.[111] Toshiba PA3356U-1BAS Battery


Association football (soccer)

The Irish Football Association (IFA) is the organising body for association football in Northern Ireland. The highest level of competition within Northern Ireland is the IFA Premiership. There is also an all-island tournament, the Setanta Cup, which includes four IFA Premiership teams and four teams from the Republic's league. However,

Toshiba PA3332U-1BRS Battery the best Northern Irish players tend to play for clubs in Great Britain in the English or Scottish leagues. Despite Northern Ireland's small population, its international team has had a number of notable successes, including World Cup quarter-final appearances in 1958 and 1982. Toshiba PA3537U-1BRS Battery



Cricket is the fastest growing sport in the country.[citation needed] The Ireland cricket team, which represents both the Republic and Northern Ireland, Toshiba PA3536U-1BRS Battery

 is an associate member of the International Cricket Council. It participated in 2007 Cricket World Cup and qualified for the Super 8s and did the same in the 2009 ICC World Twenty20. Ireland are current champions of ICC Intercontinental Cup and the under-19 team is also performing very well.[citation needed] The regular international ground is Stormont in Belfast. Toshiba PA3535U-1BRS Battery


Gaelic games

Gaelic games include Gaelic football, hurling, Gaelic handball and rounders. Of the four, football is the most popular in Northern Ireland. Players play for local clubs with the best being selected for their county teams: Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh and Tyrone. The Ulster GAA is the branch of the Gaelic Athletic Association that is responsible for all nine counties of Ulster, Toshiba PA3535U-1BAS Battery

including the six that are in Northern Ireland. All nine field teams in the Ulster Senior Football Championship, Ulster Senior Hurling Championship, All-Ireland Senior Football Championship and All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship. Recent successes for Northern Ireland's teams include Armagh's 2002 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship win and Tyrone's wins in 2003, 2005 and 2008. Toshiba PA3535U-1BAS Battery



Further information: Category:Golf clubs and courses in Northern Ireland and Category:Golfers from Northern IrelandToshiba PA3534U-1BRS Battery


Northern Ireland has a number of golf courses, such as the Royal Belfast Golf Club (the earliest, formed in 1881), Royal Portrush Golf Club (the only course outside of Great Britain to have hosted The Open Championship), and Royal County Down Golf Club (Golf Digest magazine's top-rated course outside the United States).[112][113] Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS Battery


Notable golfers include Fred Daly (winner of The Open in 1947), Graeme McDowell (winner of the U.S. Open in 2010, the first European since 1970), Rory McIlroy (winner of the U.S. Open in 2011) and Darren Clarke (winner of The Open in 2011).[114] [115] Sony VAIO VGN-SR41M/S Battery


Rugby union

Northern Ireland's six counties are among the nine governed by the Ulster branch of the all-island governing body, the Irish Rugby Football Union. Ulster is one of the four professional provincial teams in the island of Ireland and competes in the Celtic League and European Cup. Ulster won the European Cup in 1999. In international competition, Sony VAIO VGN-SR41M/P Battery

 players from Northern Ireland represent the Ireland national rugby team, whose recent successes include four Triple Crowns between 2004 and 2009 and a Grand Slam in 2009.


Northern Ireland has produced two world snooker champions, notably the late Alex Higgins who won the title in 1972 and again in 1982 and Dennis Taylor who won the world crown in 1985. Sony VAIO VGN-NS130E/L Battery

The highest ranked Northern Ireland professional on the world circuit presently is Mark Allen from Antrim. The sport is governed locally by the Northern Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association who run regular ranking tournaments and competitions and are recognised by Sports Council NI as the governing body for snooker in Northern Ireland. Sony VAIO VGN-NS115N/S Battery



Main article: Education in Northern Ireland



Queen's University Belfast

Education in Northern Ireland differs slightly from systems used elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Unlike most areas of the United Kingdom, in the last year of primary school children sit the eleven plus transfer test, and the results determine whether they attend grammar schools or secondary schools. This system was due to be changed in 2008 amidst some controversy, Sony VAIO VGN-NS110E/W Battery

with the exception of north Armagh where the Dickson Plan is in effect. The eleven plus has since been abolished with the majority of Grammar schools now holding their own entry test, Secondary pupils are not required to take such a test for entry. Sony VAIO VGN-NS110E/S Battery


Northern Ireland's state (controlled) schools are open to all children in Northern Ireland, although in practice are mainly attended by those from Protestant or non-religious backgrounds. There is a separate publicly funded school system provided for Roman Catholics, Sony VAIO VGN-NS110E/L Battery

although Roman Catholics are free to attend state schools (and some non-Roman Catholics attend Roman Catholic schools). Sony VAIO VGN-NS10E/S Battery

 Integrated schools, which attempt to ensure a balance in enrolment between pupils of Protestant, Roman Catholic and other faiths (or none) are becoming increasingly popular, although Northern Ireland still has a primarily de facto religiously segregated education system. In the primary school sector, Sony VAIO VGN-NS10L/S Battery

 forty schools (8.9% of the total number) are Integrated Schools and thirty two (7.2% of the total number) are Gaelscoileanna. Sony VAIO VGN-NS10J/S Battery


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