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13 juillet 2010 2 13 /07 /juillet /2010 15:15

Before I proceed I just want to point out that this disaster recovery is a last resort after a major drinks spillage in your computer      (SONY VGP-BPS8 battery)         .

The worst disaster to a notebook computer is a drinks spillage, a drinks spillage can destroy a notebook computer in minutes, when I have been asked to do a repair quote for drinks spillage in the past I have quoted for every board that has been touched by the liquid        (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ battery) .

All liquid spilt into a notebook will destroy the notebook very quickly but the worst and most common being tea, coffee, squash and I even had a hot chocolate once, add to any of those liquids sugar and milk and this is guaranteed death, there is however one chance and it is a remote chance of recovery and that is to give it a bath       (Sony VGP-BPL11 battery)         .

If you have a spillage of any type you need to determine the best plan of action, as soon as the spillage is noticed turn off the notebook, it may already be too late but turn it off immediately, remove all removable components, Batteries, DVD, hard disk, keyboard if it is an easy to remove one, inspect them to see if they are damp if so clean with a little water and dry immediately     (sony vgp-bpl9 battery)        .

So now you have a shell of a computer with all components missing, this is where the scary bit starts, find out where the spillage was if it is in the keyboard and the lower part or the display, if it is just the lower part it is easier to clean because there are more openings.Please bare in mind this is only as a last resort and the computer is not to be replaced as an insurance claim     (Sony VGP-BPL15 battery)     .

You need to put the computer under the tap and ensure that the water flushes out all the contaminant, if coffee, sugar or milk is left on the circuit boards they will corrode in hours, it must be flushed out while the contaminant is still wet        (Dell Vostro 1000 battery)   .

if the contaminant dries on the circuit boards it will not be possible to remove even after dismantling the machine, as soon as you have flushed out all the contaminant stand the notebook on its side on the radiator, ensure it doesn’t get too hot and damage the plastics but you need to dry it out as quickly as possible, even water can damage your notebook if left for a small length of time   (Sony VGN-FZ460E battery )    .


When you are sure it has dried out connect up the power, turn on and hope for the best, it is unlikely that there will be no damage, the life of the machine will be reduced but you may get a few months or years more use out of it, if it works OK add the external components such as batteries, hard disks and removable keyboards and try again    (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ4000 battery)   .

When I have repaired computers under a service agreement liquid spillage was not covered under the maintenance agreement and was always chargeable, the times I went in and the machine was dripping with liquid and the customer wasn’t sure what the problem was, many were surprised when I ask how they hadn’t noticed half a pint of lager in there, I wonder how they didn’t know   (Sony Vaio VGN-FZ4000 battery)     .

I had to look at an IBM notebook for a major life insurance company, the notebook had been run over by a BMW and I was asked to access the damage, needless to say it was a right off as it was banana shaped, the amazing thing was it was still working, the screen was cracked and funny colours but he was still using it even though it rocked on his desk       (Sony Limited Edition 007 battery)    .

Please remember this is a last resort kill or cure remedy and may make things worse, this should not be used if there is a small amount of liquid in which case it should be looked at immediately by an engineer, dismantled and cleaned with solvents, we can carry out and emergency decontamination procedure for ?85 this will include immediate collection and return to our workshop for chemical cleansing     (Dell XPS M1530 battery)    .

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